email address:   bjensen@nssd112.org
phone number:  224.765.3484

Child of Hal and Dona
Who loves living usually and most definitely lately
Who hates apathy
Who wants to travel in a spacecraft to the moon and to climb to the top of Mount Everest without the
       extraordinarily hard work required to do so
Who wishes she could have met Eleanor Roosevelt
Who is scared of missing something when it's all over
Who dreams of easy days
Who is determined to end her career on a high note
Who values hard work, perseverance, and truth
Who is proud of her garden turning out the way it did (surprised by vision becoming reality)
Who graduated, a while ago, from a great place with awesome friends and memories
Who lives in the moment as best she can

Little bits of information about me in no particular order:  I love mysteries and good writing, finishing puzzles, being outside, wind, music, travel, and art among other things, I am curious and ask a lot of questions, I have moments when I feel I never seen or heard such beauty and it takes my breath away, and teaching is why I am here.
It will be a challenging and exciting year for the fifth graders, and they will grow in ways they never imagined possible.  The experiences they have this year will take them through a range of emotions, highs and lows – including the ones where not only they but you will feel like giving me a good talking to about them…  But, if you have a little faith and trust me, fifth grade will be awesome for us all, I know.

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